About us

For years the lovers of Dragons and Epic fantasy alike have been scattered, dust in the wind, flowing from Instagram pages to Facebook groups and every social media platform in between, always without a home. We intend to change that.

Rey’s Dragon started as an idea. An idea of having a unique place for high fantasy fans in general & dragon lovers in particular. A place to call home. A community.

Since being founded on social media in February 2020, our main focus has been sharing the artwork of dozens of artists, from absolute beginners to top level professionals. We have created a deep connection between us and the community, a connection which deepens every day.

Our goal is to allow the fantasy community to live life proudly in fantasy style. Almost every person gets to display their interests through everything from their clothes, to their accessories, to their home design. It is our turn now.

On our store you can browse through a variety of products ranging from those carrying the work of famous artists to those made entirely by our team, allowing for you to find anything your heart may desire. We believe in Quality, Customer Service, and Uniqueness. These qualities can be found within moments of one first opening our site, and only become more and more clear as you explore all our store has to offer.

We hope you’ll enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Jonah H, Founder of Rey’s Dragon 

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